This is an ongoing series that I started working on in 2006. 

I was particularly impressed by the dedication people giving so much time and effort to their chosen sporting hobby and I felt they should be celebrated performing at their best. 

They range from swimmers to off-road cyclists, to martial arts enthusiasts, to boxers, gymnasts, and yoga coaches, and they all have a single frame of mind; to achieve their ideal of perfection in their sport irrespective of fame or unrealistic financial reward.


Through these works, I have tried to show how incredible the human mind and spirit are when channeled toward the pursuit of perfection. Not dissimilar to honing one’s creative craft, these athletes work tirelessly to shape their bodies for their own dreams and desires. These athletes are photographed in several different settings and are dazzling in their ability to capture the energy, grace and dynamism of the human body and form.

Athlete against a dark door. Morocco
Martial art practice on a beach in Lamu, Kenya
Martial art move on a beach
Athlete on Lamu island performing a jump
Two boxers sparring in a studio
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