An empty staircase in an industrial setting. Occasional chairs in summertime colours sit at the base of the steps assembled in a row and since isolation left untouched. John's playful take on what happens when no one is able to see them as the day progresses uninhabited by workers was the start of the concept.

During the harsh light of day would the chairs be contemplating their future too? As day gives way to dusk the ambient light of the sunshine changes to the automatic setting for the artificial lighting - as if having a life of their own. When they switch off and only an emergency stair light comes into play something else happens. The chairs dance with butterflies that have come out to fly in the empty and safe space of the stairwell. Joyful, unobserved and lifting the chairs' spirit both metaphorically and literally.

Three secenes of chairs in day, dusk and night interior setting
Chairs in a stairwell
Stairs with lights
Chiars in a staiurwell floating upwards
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