An online and live coaching course
by Michael Potter to help you
identify the '
why' of choosing a
camera or smartphone to make
your creative statement.

" What not to worry about and
how to get the shots you want.."
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The Problems

" I have always wanted to 'do' photography but the equipment and technical details seems overwhelming...it's a bit off-putting!"

"I was given a digital SLR by my partner but I have never got round to using it properly and I don't know where to start!"

"Is photography now all about pre-sets and filters? It seems to have lost the soul of what one should be doing or am I wrong?"

The Solutions

Being creative with your photography starts with your eye, not with which camera or smartphone you have...

Nobody ever asked an author which typewriter

they used...

Photography can be likened to cookery. You need to know which implement to use when, and with what ingredients to produce something you or somebody else likes...and keep it simple.

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Learn how to take memorable shots: 
1    Creativity lies at the heart of embracing photography, training
your eye for keen observation and what that entails
2    Minimising the technical aspects to maximise the creative
      enjoyment so you are not distracted by your equipment
3    Understanding natural light and how to manage, use and control it
4   Creating memorable images that give purpose to your
photographic effort and pleasure




Learn simple techniques that professionals use to single out their images


1    Focusing on an actual personal project, whatever the subject matter

or interest is


2    How to find or understand your signature and style as part

of your photographic identity


3    Portraiture, people, and the urban environment as street photography


4    When to think in monochrome, why, and how?

Each module comprises four, one-hour zoom calls with live and recorded video content together with and email support to help you become the creative photographer you want to be. London and location workshop prices by enquiry


“Having had no previous experience with digital or SLR photography, the stated goals of the workshop were daunting to me. I never imagined that I would experience such a transformation on so many levels as the result of the professionalism, patience, teamwork and camaraderie of your staff....I believe the difference between an educational experience and the transforming one I enjoyed was in your team’s ability to understand and empathise with the insecurity we felt as we stumbled through this brand new, intimidating, yet exciting adventure”. Jessica Cook. Valerie Wilson Travel Inc


"Be warned, you will be stretched by the professional tutors. By the end of a workshop, be it a one-day session in a London print studio or a week in the bush in South Africa searching for the perfect shot; you will have created a memorable image that you can have framed.

Your mindset will forever be altered after looking through the eyes of professionals and learning their techniques. ‘If you never take another photograph in your life, this workshop will ensure that you will have learned not only to see, but to look!"

James Leith, The Spectator.

”I know I moaned that there were no ‘less-than-effusive’ testimonials, but having now experienced the course first hand, I can fully understand why – I know that I have gained a lot from it. I came along with a basic understanding, but having the time to properly put into practice some of the techniques under your expert guidance has made me far more able and comfortable with my camera. Before the course I think I was intimidated by my camera, and at the first sign of problems resorted to ‘Auto’; now I feel that I am at least in charge, although still not its master, (thinks - another course perhaps?)” John Ridd

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