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"I have always been fascinated by people, by human and animal forms, shapes, and faces. Consistently looking for expression, thought, emotions: finding the connections that link us to ourselves and to each other. Photography is my way of exploring this and my camera has become the tool I use to bring these things together. But wherever I’ve been and whatever I’ve been doing I always come home to the stable, to my horses, who have been constant throughout my life. There’s always going to be honesty with a horse and they really don’t care if you’ve just photographed the prime minister.

Lucy Sewill's career has been built on a foundation of celebrity photography. 


I’m fortunate to have met a lot of my heroes (and a few of my not-so heroes too). In taking their portraits I’ve always put the emphasis on who they are far more than simply how they look.

Photographing rock stars, singer-songwriters, actors, performers, presenters, prime ministers, and Royals. Her work is held in the National Portrait Gallery.  She has been published worldwide and has exhibited exclusively at amongst other venues the Glastonbury Festival, The Getty Image Gallery, and at the Ivor Novello Awards. Lucy’s projects have included British political leaders, Prime Ministers, Leading musical creators, musicians, dancers, actors, Royals, performers, and presenters. She has been commissioned by leading publishing houses, national newspapers, magazines, individuals, and organisations, and her work is published worldwide.


Lucy hosts workshops and mentors promising talented photographers.

ATELIER has exclusive access to this selection of images for limited edition print reproduction to a wider audience. 
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Muscular horse's neck and head
Neck and head of a white horse
Mane of a horse and rider
The Players - 3 horses
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"My equine work is deeply personal. Horses mirror our emotions and help us see ourselves better. They have been part of my life from my earliest years and I carry them all with me to this day remembering them all as individuals and aware of all I have learnt from them.  I've lived a lifetime of health challenges and it's always been the horses who have patiently stood alongside me.


With horses as in life there’s an interesting interplay between control, respect, and freedom. When I photograph a horse sometimes I love to take all the tack off to see how they respond when free. That's when you see the relationship. Set a horse free and let it make its own choices and you can see the trust and empathy. So often the horses lead the shoots and they make the magic.


I am not alone in understanding horse magic. My horse collection has taken me throughout the UK, to Southern Ireland, and to the United States.  Wherever I’ve travelled I’ve found horses and humans sharing something, powerful ancient, and beautiful.

Career work and book commissions

"Lucy is not simply a photographer. She is a student of horses and the equine thought processes that create personalities within the behavioural patterns of Equus, the flight animal."

Monty Roberts And of Horses & Humans, the book... 


"Crisp, clear and inspirational." Jeremy Vine. Broadcaster

This is Lucy Sewill at her best, combining sharp composition with appealing characters. She really is the horse whisperer and the humans were lucky to get in on the act." John Sergeant 


"A truly delicious book." Martin Clunes 

"It is rare to find a photographer who captures their essence quite so successfully as Lucy Sewill."

Richard Waygood MBE ,Trainer and former Riding Master, Household Cavalry.

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