Michael is London-based but his studio is global. His art images have been exhibited widely internationally, and he has been commissioned for prestigious private and corporate clients for over forty years. His work hangs in hotels, offices, and private homes worldwide. Like many lifetime photographers, he started commercially, specifically in fashion, hair & beauty before being commissioned to create a series of travel images. That exposure to the world led him to amalgamate his fashion portrait style to the people he met and the many environments he found himself traveling through. He has been building folios of fine art photography since 2009. Prices by enquiry

ATELIER has exclusive access to this selection of images for limited edition print reproduction to a wider audience. 
Woman wrangler roping
Dog sledding in Kiruna, Sweden
Athlete in Lamu, Kenya
Candelabra cactus, Borana, Kenya
Royal Academy Exhibition 2022
Dusting crops in Kerala
Wrangler in a corral
MP Main image


"I've had a camera in my hand since I was 8 years old when my father gave me an old Kodak bellows version and then a wind on

Kodak Instamatic. After leaving college in the early 1970s the film camera started to have a different allure and that allowed me to

work professionally for a few years. It was a passport to travel, and a different conversation with other creative people from stylists

to art directors, from models to print specialists and although I was tempted by the lifestyle, I could not quite commit to it entirely

as life, earning a living, raising a family, and generally being distracted by other creative interests meant this device, this tool in its

earlier film form, stayed close at hand but was rarely utilised other than for reference.

The technical capabilities were changing as well, from handheld to internal meters, autofocus, motor drive and all manner of

exciting wizardry that allowed photography to develop into a new highly technical image delivery system in sync with commercial 

print developments, large format printing and the world of Cibachrome colour prints.


But still, even while working in other creative areas, using film and wet processing in those days delayed the review of

images for sometimes weeks or longer until one got the film to a convenient processor. 


It was not until a dog sledding trip in Sweden in the early 2000s accompanying a Conde Nast Traveller shoot that the world of

photography came fully back to life for me. Having purchased a digital Canon SLR 5d Mk 1, I was suddenly able to properly 

appreciate the extraordinary technical advances that had become possible for picture taking and it made me want to explore

the digital world that had erupted into photography, alongside photoshop for post-production and inkjet printer technology

to appreciate the image as never before.

From then on it was a mission to show the people and places that inspired me through the lens of my camera - and what a view

I had, and what wonderful people I found."


Career Work

Michael Potter first established himself as a fashion, travel and advertising photographer on 

leaving art college, and in his early thirties became an accomplished water colour and acrylic painter. 

Throughout the 1980s he was represented internationally by Christie's Contemporary Art in London,

Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, and Paris, and exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

two years running. His images being photographic in inspiration but painterly in execution, a fusion

between his two skills. This led to an ongoing career in fine art and limited edition print sales,

working internationally and building a growing private client base.

In 1991 he established his own gallery, Walton Contemporary Art in London's Knightsbridge, 

which represented his own and other artists' work. During that period he published many

limited editions with and for major international retailers including the John Lewis Partnership 

The Art Group, and worked with the world's leading hotel groups in the Far East, and the

USA including the Dorchester Hotel in London, the Shangri La, and the Four Seasons in Hong Kong,


In 2000 he returned to his photographic roots, building a portfolio and running workshops around

the world from 2008 when his photographs started being collected privately.


His image bank is considerable and covers a number of subjects but his composition, style,

and eye for the informal nature of people in a working environment on his assignments is

the cornerstone of the print collection.


Jewellery campaign Graff



Michael Potter's beautiful hardback, linen-covered book features thirty-nine photographic images some of which are available from his 

print collection on this website.


Taken from the folios of the Wrangler, Athletes, and the Observer portrait collections, this is an insight into the photographer's mindset on assignment.

Produced on 140 gm pearl paper with inside details of what the motivation was on Michael's assignments, together with the specifications of each image as a limited edition, fine art print.

Book 1 cover copy.jpg
Book pages and price 2 NO PRICE .jpg

Book dimensions:

12 x 12 inches:

30.5 x 30.5 x 1.5 cm



£75 + P&P


A signed, embossed and numbered edition of 100  printings is also available at

£110 + P&P

World's End Studio, Chelsea, London, UK - 2021
World's End Studio, Chelsea, London, UK - 2021
Private client, London, UK - 2019
World's End Studio, Chelsea, London, UK - 2021
Wrangler Rabley Gallery, Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK - 2022
Private client, London, UK - 2018
Private client, London, UK - 2019
World's End Studio, Chelsea, London, UK -  2022
Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead, UK - May 2022
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London: June  2022
Candelabra 1 - Borana, Kenya RA22 WOTW web.jpg

Corporate and Gallery clients include:

Royal Society of Arts                                                           The Hallmark Group                                           Zanussi UK - British Midland Airways

Sony UK National Provident Institution                             Cartier                                                                  Townsend Thoresen Ferries

Hilton Hotel Group                                                              Robert Rolls Fine Wines                                     Holiday Inn Hotels

Jardine Fleming, Singapore                                                Dorchester Hotel                                                Castlerock Entertainment USA

Classic FM                                                                             John Lewis Partnership                                      Affordable Art Fair   

Sanwa Bank                                                                           Jockey Club & Hong Kong Country Club        Andry Montgomery Exhibitions

National Heritage Board, Singapore                                  Arrow Shipping UK                                             Delta Shipping Greece

Marmaras Navigation Greece                                             Nomikos Shipping Greece                                 Rabley Gallery, Marlborough, UK

Chelsea Arts Club, London                                                  World's End Studios                                           Carew Jones & Associates

Robertson Gallery, Rodeo Drive. LA                                   Christie's Contemporary Art, London, NY        Royal Academy Summer Exhibition


UN-FRAMED LIMITED EDITION (A1) 59.4 x 84.1 cm size prints from £875 inc VAT
Coral cutting in a quarry on Manda Island, Kenya
US0A7445 2_edited.jpg
Beach footballer by Michael Potterpg
Flamenco dancer monochrome by Michael Potter
Two boxers sparring monochrome by Michael Potter
Bathing a donket=y monochrome by Michael Potter
Athlete wearing a red cape
Sheriff cowboy monochrome by Michael Potter
Angled lkegs of ballet dancers , monochrome by Michael Potter
Ballet dancer in mid air, monochrome by Michael Potter
Ballet legs en point, monochrome by Michael Potterg
Maurice 1_edited.jpg
Gymnast against a dark wall in Marrakesh, Morocco, monochrome by Michael Potter
Candelabra 1 - Borana_edited.jpg
Camel race in the Thar desert, Rajasthan, monochrome by Michael Potter