A selection of images of 25 x limited edition prints and 2 x Artist Proofs only, measuring 594 x 841 mm or 23-3/8 x 33-1/8 inches, printed on gloss paper with ultrachrome HDR light-fast inks. Each image has its own Certificate of Authenticity from the issuing studios and is produced as an archival digital print.

High ball 300 dpi  Atelier Editions  Michael Potter  £875.jpg
High Ball - Michael Potter
Juma WOTW IMG_9963_3 comp.jpg
Beach Superman - Michael Potter
Antlers WOTW web.jpg

The Ranch - Michael Potter

Candelabra 1 - Borana_edited.jpg
Candelabra Cactus, Borana, Kenya - MIchael Potter
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition finalist 2022
Saddle 1A WOTW web.jpg
The Saddle - Michael Potter
The players - Lucy Sewill
Mane 2123-6 WOTW web.jpg
The mane - Lucy Sewill
Highlander WOTW web.jpg
Highlander - Lucy Sewill
Remembered 2-19 WOTW web.jpg
Remembered - Lucy Sewill
Creation-1-2 WOTW web.jpg
Creation - Lucy Sewill
Still lifeLucy WOTW web.jpg
Still life - Lucy Sewill
Beach Boys WOTW web.jpg
Beach boys - David Usill
Sun Wheel WOTW web.jpg
Sun wheel - David Usill
Santa Maria Maggiore WOTW web.jpg
Santa Maria Maggiore - David Usill
Restoration House WOTW web.jpg
Restoration haven  - David Usill
Diamond Beach WOTW web.jpg
Diamond beach - David Usill
Kerveli Bay WOTW web.jpg
Kerveli Bay - David Usill
Dead End WOTW web.jpg
Dead end - David Usill
Fishing Boat WOTW web.jpg
Going fishing - David Usill
frank’s diner WOTW web.jpg
Frank's diner - John Hollander
lost vegas WOTW web.jpg
Lost Vegas - John Hollander
slightly wooden villains WOTW web.jpg
Slightly wooden Villians - John Hollander
industrial stares WOTW web.jpg
Industrial stares - John Hollander
dreaming of le douanier WOTW web.jpg
Deaming of le Douanier - John Hollander
High Tide WOTW web.jpg
High tide - Tim Barker
Three Waves WOTW web.jpg
Three waves - Tim Barker
Sea break 2 - Tim Barker
Hidden Venice WOTW web.jpg
Hidden Venice - triptych - Tim Barker