People, wildlife and places from:


Rajasthan - India

Kerala - India 

Lamu/Manda - Kenya

Madikwe - S. Africa 

Colorado - USA 

Kiruna - Northern Sweden

The UK, and Southern Europe 

This is a series of images that are added to regularly. I am trying to limit the choice to the ones that show people unchanged in their attitude and activity alongside our contemporary lives.


As an observer I have to remember that choice for many does not exist and what they do does not necessarily need changing or modernising. It is the desire to continue as they are that seems to concern them most.


During these difficult times with Covid, restrictive travel, and mass tourism, observing old ways is getting harder for people reliant on the harvest, climate, or tourism to see their way through from one week to another.


They are not necessarily poor in financial terms, but their ability to exist depends on so much that is out of their control or real ability to change. 

Maasai headman standing against a backdrop
Dusting a field with fertiliser in Kerala
Kenyan tribal mother & flies.JPG
Kenyan beggar smiling  4A.jpg
Preparing to smoke out bees - northern Kenya
Kenyan village boy whistling
Shepherd boy in northern Kenya
Maasai headman Amboselli Kenya
Phosphate thrower in Kerala - India
Smiling Indian in Rajasthan wearing a turban
Lone elephant rubbing a tree - Kenya
Roebuck scattering in Africa
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