Wrangler:  Michael Potter

The cowboy - the Wrangler - has always interested me as a subject from childhood. I think possibly because it has remained unchanged in all its apparent familiarity since its twenty-year span of existence during its 1865 -1880’s heydays. Although thoroughly misrepresented by Hollywood and the films it made, that sense of open range wonder, natural spectacle, and mastery of horse has always appealed and was what I saw when I was introduced to that world at a ranch in Colorado. The sheer hard work and dedication of the horsemen and women is not just a job, it is a passion, a vocation, and assimilation with all things natural and never more than equine paced. 

Woman wrangler practising with a lariat jpg
Sadle in a Western out-house
Cowboy and horse in corall in swirling dust
TJ roping steer-Enhanced_ Re-Touch Flatt.jpeg
Chasing a steer out of a gate on a Clorado ranch
Cowboys roping on a Colardo ranch
Antlers over a ranch gate in Colorado

Without a spur on your boot, you can't get the horse to move. The head wrangler told me: "If you're kicking the horse and it ain't moving - you ain't kicking hard enough.." This shot to me says it all - you can not be anywhere else on the planet, other than on a Western ranch listening to the spin of the rowel wheel in the shank when the cowboy walks, and the swish of the chaps on their legs. 

Cowboy boot and spur
Cowboy boot on rail
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