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All commissioned work is considered

subject to enquiry.

David Usill, Studio Balloon.jpg

All our photographers have many years of working with clients on commissioned projects in almost every area imaginable and will be delighted to discuss your project.


Costs are dependent on the subject matter, location, teams, equipment hire, travel, and accommodation. 

Work is undertaken worldwide.


Commercial shipping clients

Arrow Shipping - London - Korea

Delta Shipping - Romania,

Marmaris Navigation - Athens

& Port Talbot

African Safaris

Tassia, Northern Kenya

Lamu, Kenya

Madikwe, South Africa


Activity and websites

Colorado, USA

Arrow Shipping, London

Architecture and objects

London, New York,

Paris, Athens, Mallorca,

France, Italy

Hong Kong


Other locations 

Kerala Rajasthan

Jaisalmer Jodphur

Australia Tibet  Chile

Seychelles Sri Lanka

Venezuela Zanzibar

Bali Cuba Galapagos

TIm location 2_edited.jpg
Plane landing
Desert and camel long crop.jpg
Man in the streets
Defense b&w
Huge Painting
Ship pier
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