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"Serendipity plays a large part in my work as a photographer, wandering the planet making images. My first camera was a Zeiss Ikon, given to me by my father when I was 5 years old, and I have been taking pictures for the last 60 years. Alongside 45 years of commissions in the travel, recording and corporate worlds I am driven to capture scenes in front of me that fascinate and inspire. From 1972, in the analogue age, I used medium format cameras for my photography. With the addition of fine-grain transparency roll film, I aimed to shoot the highest resolution images I could take. Eventually, by 2009, digital technology began to ‘out resolve’ film so I picked up my first digital Hasselblad in a constant quest for quality, as detail and accurate colour rendition are important elements in my imagery. The craft of photography may have evolved from the darkroom to the computer, but the art of taking photographs still ­rests with the person behind the lens.

I find inspiration looking up while standing on the ground. I also am fortunate to have piloted my hot air balloon for Window on the World®, as a platform for a different perspective, looking down as well. David Usill


Presentation-wise, I don’t see frames in Nature so I prefer to present my images without borders, as large scale Acrylic face-mounted prints. However, as this may not suit a collector, Atelier London can offer framing alternatives."

Career Work



American Express, Thomson Worldwide, China Traveller, British Airways, The National Trust, Royal Academy Summer Exhibition (2012). Argo Records, Decca Records, Virgin Classics, Chandos Records, Pioneer LDCE Ltd, Opera de Lyon,

RM Associates, Greek Express, Alte Oper Frankfurt, Anderson Consulting, Lane Fox, Thames Luxury Charters, The Floating Boater, Hunting Group PLC, Metapraxis, Investors in Industry, 3i, Research Corporation Trust, Dataview Solutions, Somoco, Remploy, The Heart Hospital, Keith Prowse Journeys, Healthcare Risk Solutions, TechnoSol Limited, Business Finance Magazine, The Sunday Times, Sunday Express, British School of Ballooning, Ballooning World, Lindstrand Balloons, Exclusive Ballooning, Hot Airlines, British Balloon and Airship Club, European Parliament, Landscape Magazine, Cosas Magazine (Chile),

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David Usill's beautiful hardback book features thirty large-scale, photographic images that are available from the print collection on this website.


Curated from the photographer's personal hard drives of travel-based images over twenty years, this book is also available as a signed limited edition.

Produced on 140 gm pearl paper with insight into David's motivation together with the print specifications of each image as a limited edition together with the equipment history that he used to produce these beautiful images.


Book dimensions:

11 x 13 inches:

28 x 33 x 1.5 cm



£75 + P&P


A signed, embossed and numbered edition of 100  printings is also available at

£110 + P&P

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