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     T I M  B A R K E R 

Tim is a London-based photographer and has worked in the commercial portraiture and advertising world for over 40 years. Alongside his varied commercial work, he has developed a unique eye for the serenity and calm induced by the seas' moods and shore landscapes. His long-exposure images have a dream-like quality that transports the viewer to the quiet and wonder of the natural world until you melt into them. The images are large-scale and are available frameless or in the Atelier house frame. 

Cloudy Bay- Carribean
Tim head shot

"My father bought me a Kodak Instamatic for my birthday in the early 1970s. Soon afterward, on the morning of my first day of school, standing outside our front door with the car engine running he crouched down and took a photograph of me with his Pentax Spotmatic and I took one of him in return. At the time I recall asking ‘why are we doing this?’ and he replied. ‘To remember the moment..’. I still have that photograph, and I think that was probably the beginning of my photographic interest. How could this small complicated contraption that I held in my hands be so powerful? Capable of stopping time so its owner can return to ‘the moment’ whenever the mood takes them. But it soon dawned on me it was more powerful than that. This contraption could not only transport you back to any given moment, but it could transport others there too. Others who were not even present.It was then that I recognized this power. The camera could not only capture a moment, it could tell you a story. What is more powerful than that? Since then I have been telling stories as best I can. Like all good stories they do not necessarily tell you where they are set, or who the characters are, let alone give you the answer. That is up to you."


Noblex 135U 35mm panoramic film camera

Mamiya RZ67 120mm Film Camera

Sony RX1R 11 Digital Cyber-shot Camera

Nikon D850 DSLR

Career Work


Ford, Merryl Lynch, Virgin Media, Rolls Royce, Sainsburys, Standard Bank, Kelloggs, Next retail, Fosters, Nat West, Fidelity, Aldi, Hyundai, DHL, Harrods, TFL, Dixons, Tesco, Home Office, University of Greenwich, Wirral Council,

Crown Prosecution Service, Ford, Merryl Lynch, Direct Line Group, Lonza Pharmaceuticals, Sky, Mars confectionary, Taylor Wessing, Deloitte, Hertfordshire Police, Korn Ferry,Telefonica, Royal Mail, Thinkbox, Airbus Industries, Thermos, Allied Domec, Eli Lilly, Kings College Hospital, Phillip Morris. Qinetiq, Dell computers.

UK police woman
Rolls Royce UK


Tim Barker's stunning hardback book features thirty-one photographic images from his print collection on this website and some images of his personal commercial work.


Taken from his landscape studies, each image is an insight into the photographer's mindset on assignment.

Produced on 220 gm pearl lay flat card with the technical information of each photograph as a guide to professional and amateur alike.

TB book cover .jpg

Book dimensions:

12 x 12 inches:

30.5 x 30.5 x 1.5 cm



£75 + P&P


A signed, embossed and numbered edition of 100  printings is also available at

£110 + P&P

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WH in situ.jpg
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