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High Quality Photography

Photography Commission Inquiries for High Quality Photography

If you are considering commissioning one of our photographers for a professional photography project, please inquire with us. All possible commissions must be analyzed, with the cost being derived from the subject matter, location, equipment needed, travel costs, and accommodation. We have undertaken many jobs around the world and bring a wide variety of experience to any job. All our photographers have years of experience in their chosen commercial field. 

As far as subjects are concerned, we are open to all briefs and consider every possible commission. We’ve done model photography, photographed modern and ancient buildings, examined the life and work of cowboys working on ranches in Colorado, and followed travelers, people, and animals on long safaris through some of the most beautiful spots on the Asian and African continents. We have even photographed on the decks of aircraft carriers. We are constantly motivated by new challenges and new localations. If you have a particular commission in mind and would like to talk about it, please do get in touch with our team so we can help your vision become reality.

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