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International Photography

Specialists in International Photography

Our work, like our vision, is global in scale. Atelier's photographers have traveled extensively, documenting vibrant landscapes, powerful portraits, and incredible studies of some of the finest architectural structures. To give you an idea of the geographic scale of work, our photographers have photographed the peoples of Kenya, the beautiful landscape of South Africa and India. They have traveled across the Indian subcontinent to give people a glimpse into how universal beauty and wonder really are.


They have had assignments in Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Kerala, and Rajasthan, the USA, and the Caribbean and we have curated some of the beautiful landscapes and still life studies that appear representationally or as abstract pieces that leave the mind and soul to wander, to contemplate the role and meaning of beauty in the world around us.


A selection of those images can be purchased today as limited edition prints through our contact on the website or through enquiry.

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