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Paddington siding

"Isolation was the motivation that helped me to create such poignant and strong images. People will return, life will continue for better or worse. Like any visual diarist, I have tried to capture this fleeting moment in time."

John was on a train to Henley on Thames that had stopped at a junction during the early Covid lockdown. He took a photograph of the gritty urban view. These buildings had stood since the early steam age and gantries, overhead wires, covered walkways, and the usual graffiti had found a home here. Normally too busy for anyone to care about this industrialised area, hidden below the tall, modern office blocks nearby he detected the beginning of abandonment. No people, no pigeons. But here and there weeds, nature reclaiming its space. He added two of his signature chairs to indicate implied human absence. They sit isolated between the normally busy railway tracks waiting for occupants to use them, move them or leave them.

Train station siding - Slough, UK

Forecourt at sunset


A cinematic interpreation of  the front of a well know London station. Normally full of people even at the time on the building's clock it is now home to one weary commuter. A windswept litter scattered foreground is now where two chairs have again taken up residence. The lockdown in full swing as shown by the lit windows of the buildings towering above this old structure.

John's expertise in this interpretation of isolation introduces subtle lighting, textural techniques and overlays that show the station structure and its architecturally historical worth in a magnificent, moon illuminated light reflecting from the coffer domed roof.

A slough station forecourt at dusk, Slough, UK..png
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