Portraying traditions and ceremonies encapsulating the character of a country are important elements in my work. On visiting the Himba in Northern Namibia I found a culture largely untouched by western influences. Singapore has changed so much in recent years but my picture of a temple musician playing a nadaswaram has a timeless quality. On a location shoot in Kyoto, Japan I went to photograph the Karesansui ‘dry landscape’ of 15 rocks at the Ryoan-ji Temple. When I arrived five schoolgirls were regarding the stones so, once again, serendipity added an extra feeling of peace and contemplation.

Himba woman performing a ritual in Northern Namibiag
Himba girl with mud encrusted hair from Kunene, region, Northern Namibia
Temple Musician, Singapore.jpg
School girls meditate in front of the famous gravel field in the Ryoan-ji temple, Kyoto, Japan
A 2021 Royal Academy selection 
Card players in the people's park -Shanghai, China
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