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The photographic portrait is still one of the most endearing ways of illustrating how you wish to be seen. Of showing others how you are recognised. Each and every one of us knows when a good shot of us flatters or shows what we believe to be a true representation.


The image of you in the business sense can convey authority, ability, professionalism, or maturity, regardless of your chronological age. A safe pair of hands. A visual snapshot of trust, empathy, and worth.


In the personal sense, it can convey warmth, compassion, friendliness, and the essential elements of your gender. Beauty, softness, and companionship can be conveyed for a woman, approachability, reliability, and capable ruggedness for a man. These are the elements that should be discussed with the photographer so that a true portrait can be achieved.


That is explored first by conversation before the camera is used, discussing the end image by example and the choice of whether it should be in colour or black and white.


The clothes you wear, the requirements or necessity of hair and make-up discussed, and how you sit, stand, and are lit will be chosen, and the point at which the photographs will be taken.


Michael will guide you through all this and provide you with a result that will show you as you wish to be seen.


The image(s) are normally captured within the first hour. The editing and post-production take the remainder of the time and the results are with you within a 24-hour period in low resolution by email.


You will be asked to pay by credit card at the end of the shoot providing you are happy with the initial results.

A mid-sized file (4mb) and a high-resolution file (10mb) will be sent to you by wetransfer.


If an image is to be printed or framed then that cost will be quoted and added on subject to size and frame and payment required by BACS before despatch or by card if delivered or picked up in person.

A selection of headshots
Headhsots in black & white
Men's headshots
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