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Conservation and concern go hand in hand with these images - from John Hollander's Rhino Rock showing his awareness for the Rhino poaching problem in Africa to the melting of Alpine glaciers and the inconsistent nature that global warming has had on the winter sports season.  His images are always upbeat and quirky and allow one to look again and see the message in the work

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Open for Breakfast


As the easing of lockdown restrictions cautiously continue, some enterprising entrepreneurs have seized the opportunity to push their brand and product. In this semi-surreal image we have two elements that are not normally seen together. Stunning Alpine scenery and a slightly shabby urban street vendor in a very old world van. How did the vendor reach the decision to site his truck in such an isolated position and why is the van positioned at the crossroads of some hiking paths high up in the mountains? Luck, insider knowledge or intuition? Running a catering business is difficultfor the many millions of caterers around the world even in normal circumstances and involves taking risks, but I am reminded of the saying; "That if you provide it - people will come…”

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Forest Life

This image is reminiscent of 18th and 19th century landscape painting with its lush, detailed vegetation and staged lighting. The carved figure standing in the clearing could be a classic statue, a wood nymph perhaps invoking some awakening of spring, as she stretches to herald a new spring. The floating chairs surrounding the figure suggest an implied human presence, a symbol of hope as some parts of the world emerge from lockdown and it is possible to meet again although everything is still up in the air.

A forest glad with chairs and a wood nymph
Cactus & Yucca  : ED 12: 130 x 100 cm 

The pot I originally photographed in a workshop in Provence in France as I wanted to explore the classic still-life as a subject matter from both the modern and classical viewpoints. The cactus and the yucca are extraordinarily easy to maintain. They need very little water, are hardy, slow-growing, and have a beautiful shape as they grow up towards the light. I added tiled floors, an adobe wall backdrop and studio lit both to produce a vignette effect. The cuttings of the other plants on the tiled floor are a reminder of how plants normally found outside can transform our inside spaces with their sculptural appeal as well as lift our spirits. 

earthenware pot with cactus.
earthenware pot with yucca.
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