The Home Office


During the Covid lockdowns people have been required to work from home as travel has been discouraged. This can be difficult if you have no dedicated space at home or if your living and working space are the same. I have tried to highlight the absurdity of the problem in this image. 

My imagined owner of this particular office is running an international operation from the seclusion of his woodland dwelling. We do not see, or really need to, how he is producing his colourful t-shirts to sell. We can however see that he has a laptop and internet connection to the outside world, and that is all he needs to conduct a successful business. We can tell by the evening sunlight that neither do conventional office hours exist anymore. Traveling distances for work now seem antiquated. Human beings’ ability to adapt and survive has been at the forefront of this pandemic, and the image is meant to give people hope and uplift their spirits as the work front is even more unforeseeable than it was in what was termed normal.

forest office at sunset

Open Air Dining


As the easing of lockdown restrictions cautiously continue, some enterprising entrepreneurs have seized the opportunity to push their brand and product. In this semi-surreal image we have two elements that are not normally seen together. Stunning Alpine scenery and a slightly shabby urban street vendor in a very old world van. How did the vendor reach the decision to site his truck in such an isolated position and why is the van positioned at the crossroads of some hiking paths high up in the mountains? Luck, insider knowledge or intuition? Running a catering business is difficultfor the many millions of caterers around the world even in normal circumstances and involves taking risks, but I am reminded of the saying; "That if you provide it - people will come…”

hot dog van on a mountain pass
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