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Looking closely at everyday objects promotes a different perspective for creating images. In this close-up series, I use abstract patterns and shapes to create harmony from accidental geometry.

This I call a fourth principle, which I think of as balance in composition. It applies to all my image making but the closer the detail the more this premise applies.

Close up of a bird's feathers
Close up of a bird's feathered wing
Assorted ornamental fish in a pond in Jordan
An extra large soap bubble with a building behind it, Rome
Rustic wood door of browns and textured detail, Matera, Italy
Building materials in Shanghai, China

Japanese Temple Wood. Each in an edition of 12: 137 x 100 cm

Available as three individual images OR as three separate images in one frame or as a triptych of three images on one large sheet.

Japanese wood print by David Usill at  triptych
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