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Marine imagery from Seoul, South Korea, Athens, Romania and Port Talbot, UK.

These images were shot over a number of years stretching back to 2001. The opportunity to shoot in these yards is now very restricted and permission unless directly employed by the yards themselves is very difficult. I was lucky to have been commissioned by the Greek fleet owners and their London agents to produce a series of images for their head offices in London and Athens.

My thanks to Arrow Shipping, Delta Tankers, and Marmaras Navigation, without whom this series would not be possible.


Working in the yards is something like being in Lilliput as gigantic sections of the ship are lifted into place, welded, assembled, and finally painted by an army of skilled workers. These extraordinary vessels deliver well over 95% of all we consume so photographing them in their best light and paying them due respect is a fitting tribute to the everyday items we consume and take for granted.  

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